Laurelton Art Society About Us
"Put art in your life. You will be richer for it!"

The Laurelton Art Society grew out of the interests of a small group of artists dedicated to providing a means for those who share an interest in art - to meet, share ideas and promote public interest in the visual arts. We welcome the "art appreciator" as well. Now in its thirty-third year, the Laurelton Art Society is proud of its growth. We continue to provide quality cultural programs for the public including demonstrations and workshops. Each year, we grant scholarships to local high school students pursuing studies in art.

In addition to the monthly meetings and demonstrations, the Laurelton Art Society sponsors a series of special programs and events including an annual "Festival in Art", a multi-media exhibit. Ribbons are awarded for excellence in oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, mixed-media and photography.

2018 - 2019 Officers

President:  Robert D'Imperio
(732) 961-3543

Vice President:  Lauren Morone
(732) 123-4567

Recording Secretary:  Valerie Morone
(732) 477-1805

Treasurer:  Fran Collins
(732) 905-1588

President Emeritus:  Lynne Salisbury

Committee  Chairs

Membership Chairperson:  Barbara Dougherty

Telephone Chairman:  Joy Krais

Newsletter/Yearbook Editor:  Philomenia Mankiewicz

Grants:  Patty Tully

Exhibit Chairman:  Trisha Monto Autore

Sunshine Chairman:  Carol Pester

Hospitality Chairman:  Gail Mauro

Society Photographer:  Darien Buchanan

Media Chairman:  Joanne Zezula

Webmaster:  Imprint Web Design, LLC